Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ruby is a girl's best-friend.

When the name of your two major clothing lines are the country's most popular baby-names you've obviously got your finger on the right pulse. You've also got me wandering drooling into your store more than once a week and stretching my bank-account to its limit. 
Ruby's latest collection, Capital City (once again, the name has me sold already) is absolutely lust-worthy. I'm completely enamoured by this stunning bronze tunic dress in particular and may be just about to purchase it in over-eager anticipation of graduation. Justified, right?

I've always thought that diamonds are over-rated, and would much prefer to one day have my fingers adorned with more colourful gems (potential future suitors take note), so perhaps a little more Ruby in my life is just the ticket.

Here are some favourites from the Capital City collection.

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