Thursday, January 19, 2012

A few of my favourite things...


Many of you may be familiar the eclectic cacophony of colour that is my wardrobe. I recently laid out all my clothes for a much needed sort-out, and resulting spread looked something like a regurgitated rainbow. 
Nonetheless, in my wardrobe there has always been one colour glaringly conspicuous in its absence- YELLOW.
I have recently developed an obsession with yellow, yet, try as I might, I have never been able to wear it. And, believe me, I’ve tried. 

But, today, however, I miraculously managed to discover a yellow dress that doesn’t make me look like I’ve contracted an unfortunate case of scurvy. Perhaps it’s a trade-off for exposing myself to a higher risk of melanoma than I should, but for once I didn’t look ghostly pale.
Needless to say, the dress has been purchased and I am as happy as I look... Which is like a giant sunflower.
*I must also advise that I do not endorsement the prioritising  of fashion choices over sunscreen. 

Sadly the flowers are flowers are starting to fall and fade, but I take solace in the fact that they look nearly as fabulous strewn across the ground in a giant red carpet as they do on the trees.

I was a late bloomer when it came to watching t.v. During high-school my best friend and I were literally the ONLY people who did not crowd the boarding house common room for weekly O.C. episodes. (I think we thought it would harm our already fragile punk-rock personas). When the rest of the year-group fell one day into sudden, hysterical mourning we were genuinely concerned that a) someone had died and, b) we seemed to be the only people who hadn’t known this ‘Marissa’ person.  

However, fortunately for me, I have now become an avid O.C. fan, and now wonder what I was doing without Marissa, Ryan, Seth and Summer for all those years. 

My most recent addiction however is to the British drama, Misfits. Somewhere at the intersection between Skins and outrageous science fiction, ‘Misfits’ is utterly outlandish, yet equally enthralling. Nathan, my favourite character, is, to be frank, a complete fuckwit, yet totally irresistible. This speech by Nathan at the end of the first series, in particular makes my own attempt at youth feel woefully inadequate and the life of a young offender seem strangely appealing.

I really want one. I also really want a skateboard. I’m not sure that I have the swagger to pull of either, but now I can wear yellow I kinda feel like I can do anything…. Right?

This beautiful gems that I live with warrant a blog post in their own right, but I feel it needs to be noted that I fuckin’ love them. I’m heading out the door to drinks Pimm's with strawberries and ginger beer in the sunshine on the beach with them right now.

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  1. uhm yum pimms and strawberries with gingerbeer in the sun, with of course your beautiful babes. I'm glad you're back m'chere. Oh and you're right about that misfits speech, I've never watched an episode but I already feel like I should be overdosing on drugs to live up my youth ha!