Thursday, January 19, 2012

Here Goes

I don't believe in new year's resolutions.

But, wait,
Before you brand me cynical and leave me to wallow in the endless, toxic mass of self-pitiful cyber-space, let me assure you that I DO believe in resolutions.
In fact, I believe very strongly in whenever-you-resolve-to-do-something resolutions. 
Resolutions you make when you're genuinely inspired, rather than 358 days since you last went to the gym.

Undoubtedly, overindulging a little in the festive spirit(s) over the holidays (and the inevitable surfacing of accompanying half-naked photographic evidence) may get us reassessing priorities, but why should we need a new year to be proactive?

If you want to do it, as I'm sure Nike's marketing team would say, 'just do it.'
You can write your own future, provided you're wearing a sweet pair of sneakers.

This blog, having been at the top of my easy-to-procrastinate-from-list for some time now, is the spawn of one such proverbial 'kick up the pants'.

This is not a blog about anything particular. It is not strictly for drooling over dresses, bemoaning the disturbing fact that 6.6 per cent of New Zealanders would vote for Winston Peters, or for launching into potentially irrational boy-rants (although it may feature any of these at any given time). Nor I am endowed with the generous genetic blessings that allow some bloggers to make a living prancing about the world in beautiful, gifted designer clothing.
Instead, this blog shall become host to my musings on everything from power lines, to Pohutukawa trees, to how good is that new song by Annah Mac??!

No doubt there will be a lot of colour and a photo or two as well.

So hi for now, and let's see how long this resolve shall last.

*The creation of this blog within 3 weeks of the New Year is entirely a coincidence.

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